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Past PNREC Conferences

Conferences in the 2000s

2009 – “Recession and Recovery: Current Impacts and Future Opportunities for the Pacific Northwest”

Vancouver, Washington

Chair: Scott Bailey, Washington Employment Security Department

Featured Speakers:
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s, New York
  • Yves Smith
    Aurora Advisers
  • Bill Beyers
    University of Washington
  • Bob Baugh
2008 – “Innovation in the Northwest”
Tacoma, Washington

Chair: Paul Sommers, Seattle University

Featured Speakers:
  • Nigel Gault
    Global Insight
  • Heike Mayer
    Professor, Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech
  • Maryann Feldman
    Professor, University of North Carolina
2007 – “Technology and Science in Regional Economic Development”
Richland, Washington

Chair: Michael J. Scott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Featured Speakers:
  • Angelos Angelou
    Founder and CEO, Angelou Economics, Austin, Texas
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s, New York
  • Paul Peterson
    Professor, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government
2006 – “Economic and Policy Issues on the Pacific Northwest’s Horizon”
Portland, Oregon

Chair: Tom Potiowsky, State of Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Featured Speakers:
  • Paul R. Krugman
    Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Princeton University
  • Anthony Downs
    Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy, The Brookings Institution
  • Nigel Gault
    Director, US Macroeconomic Service, Global Insight, Inc.
2005 – “New Economic Horizons”
Bellingham, Washington

Chair: Hart Hodges, Western Washington University

Featured Speakers:
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s
  • Mark Drabenstott
    Director, Center for the Study of Rural America, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Irving Mintzer
    Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Global Change, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Roger Bolton
    William Brough Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Williams College
2004 – “New Formulas and Partnerships Emerging”
Tacoma, Washington

Chair: Riley Moore, Saint Martin’s College

Featured Speakers:
  • Benjii Bittle
    Arts Administrator, Economic Development Department, City of Tacoma
  • Josh Farley
    Assistant Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics, Associate Professor, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, U. of Vermont
  • William H. Gates, Sr.
    Founding partner, Preston Gates & Ellis Chair, 2002 Washington State Tax Structure Study Committee
  • Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
    Professor, Departments of Geography, and Urban and Regional Planning Director, Regional Economics Applications Laboratory, University of Illinois
  • Ron Irvine
    Owner, Vashon Winery
  • Desmond O’Rourke
    Professor Emeritus, Agricultural and Resource Economics Department, Washington State University, Head and Founder, Belrose, Inc.
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s
2003 – “Picking Up the Pieces: Challenges to Recovery and Growth in the Pacific Northwest”
Spokane, Washington

Chair: Tom Trulove, Eastern Washington University

Featured Speakers:
  • Nariman Behravesh
    Chief Economist and Managing Director, Global Insights
  • Mark R. Drabenstott
    Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Director, Center for the Study of Rural America
  • Thomas Rice
    Professor and Vice-Chair, Department of Health Services, UCLA
  • Jeffrey J. Schott
    Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics, Washington D.C.
2002 – “Challenges to Economic Security”
Portland, Oregon

Chair: Terry Morlan, Northwest Power Planning Council

Featured Speakers:
  • Alice M. Rivlin
    Senior Fellow in the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution
  • James K. Galbraith
    University of Texas
  • Dallas Burtraw
    Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
  • Mark Zandi
    Chief Economist and co-founder of
2001 – “Knowledge, Resources and Public Policy for the New Regional Economy”
Victoria, British Columbia

Chair: D.C. Lawless, B.C. Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations

Featured Speakers:
  • Kenneth S. Courtis
    Goldman Sachs
  • John Lipsky
    J.P. Morgan
  • Don Drummond
    TD Bank Financial Group
  • Philip Resnick
    University of British Columbia
  • Peter Kuhn
    University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Peter H. Pearse
    University of British Columbia
2000 – “Beyond 2000: Regional, Border and Global Issues for the Pacific Northwest”
Bellingham, Washington

Chair: David E. Merrifield, Western Washington University

Featured Speakers:
  • Honorable Roger Simmons, P.C.
    Consul General of Canada, Seattle
  • Alison Lynn Reaser
    Bank of America Asset Management Group
  • Dale Orr
    WEFA Inc.
  • Ann Markusen
    University of Minnesota
  • Gary Hufbauer
    Institute of International Economics, Washington D.C.


2020 Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference Cancelled

After careful consideration, the Board of the Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference (PNREC) has chosen to cancel PNREC 2020, May 18-20 in Walla Walla, due to coronavirus concerns.

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