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Past PNREC Conferences

Conferences in the 2000s

2009 – “Recession and Recovery: Current Impacts and Future Opportunities for the Pacific Northwest”

Vancouver, Washington

Chair: Scott Bailey, Washington Employment Security Department

Featured Speakers:
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s, New York
  • Yves Smith
    Aurora Advisers
  • Bill Beyers
    University of Washington
  • Bob Baugh
2008 – “Innovation in the Northwest”
Tacoma, Washington

Chair: Paul Sommers, Seattle University

Featured Speakers:
  • Nigel Gault
    Global Insight
  • Heike Mayer
    Professor, Urban Affairs and Planning, Virginia Tech
  • Maryann Feldman
    Professor, University of North Carolina
2007 – “Technology and Science in Regional Economic Development”
Richland, Washington

Chair: Michael J. Scott, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Featured Speakers:
  • Angelos Angelou
    Founder and CEO, Angelou Economics, Austin, Texas
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s, New York
  • Paul Peterson
    Professor, Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government
2006 – “Economic and Policy Issues on the Pacific Northwest’s Horizon”
Portland, Oregon

Chair: Tom Potiowsky, State of Oregon Office of Economic Analysis

Featured Speakers:
  • Paul R. Krugman
    Professor of Economics and International Affairs, Princeton University
  • Anthony Downs
    Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy, The Brookings Institution
  • Nigel Gault
    Director, US Macroeconomic Service, Global Insight, Inc.
2005 – “New Economic Horizons”
Bellingham, Washington

Chair: Hart Hodges, Western Washington University

Featured Speakers:
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s
  • Mark Drabenstott
    Director, Center for the Study of Rural America, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Irving Mintzer
    Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Global Change, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Roger Bolton
    William Brough Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Williams College
2004 – “New Formulas and Partnerships Emerging”
Tacoma, Washington

Chair: Riley Moore, Saint Martin’s College

Featured Speakers:
  • Benjii Bittle
    Arts Administrator, Economic Development Department, City of Tacoma
  • Josh Farley
    Assistant Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics, Associate Professor, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, U. of Vermont
  • William H. Gates, Sr.
    Founding partner, Preston Gates & Ellis Chair, 2002 Washington State Tax Structure Study Committee
  • Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
    Professor, Departments of Geography, and Urban and Regional Planning Director, Regional Economics Applications Laboratory, University of Illinois
  • Ron Irvine
    Owner, Vashon Winery
  • Desmond O’Rourke
    Professor Emeritus, Agricultural and Resource Economics Department, Washington State University, Head and Founder, Belrose, Inc.
  • David Wyss
    Chief Economist, Standard & Poor’s
2003 – “Picking Up the Pieces: Challenges to Recovery and Growth in the Pacific Northwest”
Spokane, Washington

Chair: Tom Trulove, Eastern Washington University

Featured Speakers:
  • Nariman Behravesh
    Chief Economist and Managing Director, Global Insights
  • Mark R. Drabenstott
    Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Director, Center for the Study of Rural America
  • Thomas Rice
    Professor and Vice-Chair, Department of Health Services, UCLA
  • Jeffrey J. Schott
    Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics, Washington D.C.
2002 – “Challenges to Economic Security”
Portland, Oregon

Chair: Terry Morlan, Northwest Power Planning Council

Featured Speakers:
  • Alice M. Rivlin
    Senior Fellow in the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution
  • James K. Galbraith
    University of Texas
  • Dallas Burtraw
    Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
  • Mark Zandi
    Chief Economist and co-founder of
2001 – “Knowledge, Resources and Public Policy for the New Regional Economy”
Victoria, British Columbia

Chair: D.C. Lawless, B.C. Ministry of Finance and Corporate Relations

Featured Speakers:
  • Kenneth S. Courtis
    Goldman Sachs
  • John Lipsky
    J.P. Morgan
  • Don Drummond
    TD Bank Financial Group
  • Philip Resnick
    University of British Columbia
  • Peter Kuhn
    University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Peter H. Pearse
    University of British Columbia
2000 – “Beyond 2000: Regional, Border and Global Issues for the Pacific Northwest”
Bellingham, Washington

Chair: David E. Merrifield, Western Washington University

Featured Speakers:
  • Honorable Roger Simmons, P.C.
    Consul General of Canada, Seattle
  • Alison Lynn Reaser
    Bank of America Asset Management Group
  • Dale Orr
    WEFA Inc.
  • Ann Markusen
    University of Minnesota
  • Gary Hufbauer
    Institute of International Economics, Washington D.C.


2023 PNREC Keynote Speakers Announced:
Call for Abstracts
Please send your abstract submissions to Anneliese Vance-Sherman and Scott Bailey at by February 24, 2023.


Washington State University Vancouver is looking for a part-time faculty member who could teach ECON 101: Fundamentals of Microeconomics in Fall 2022 (Aug. 15-Dec. 20) on the Vancouver (WA) campus.

Required qualifications are having a master's or Ph.D. in economics. Please contact Yoshie Sano at if you are interested.

PNREC 2022:
Navigating COVID-19 and Climate Disruption in the Pacific Northwest
May 23-25, 2022

The final program for the 2022 Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference has been posted. We look forward to seeing all our speakers in Hood River, OR May 23-25.


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