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Past PNREC Conferences

Conferences in the 1990s

1999 – Looking Back — “Looking Ahead: The Economic and Social Conditions of the Pacific Northwest”

Boise, Idaho

Chair: Michael H. Ferguson, Chief Economist – Idaho

Featured Speakers:
  • Kurt Karl
    WEFA, Inc.
  • Patty Gwartney
    Oregon Survey Research Laboratory
  • Joseph Taylor
    Iowa State University
  • Vernon Henderson
    Brown University
  • Gene Epstein
  • Ted Strong
    Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
1998 – “Conflict and Collaboration: how Government, Business, and Academia shape the Pacific Northwest Economy”
Olympia, Washington

Chair: Lorrie Jo Brown, Washington Department of Revenue

Featured Speakers:
  • Conference introduction by Gary Locke
    Washington State Governor
  • John Donahue
    Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Hugh Knox
    Associate Director for Regional Economics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Jack Triplett
    Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution
  • David Wyss
    Research Director & Chief Financial Economist, DRI
1997 – “Regions in Transition”
Spokane, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Calvin L. Beale
    Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Roger E. Brinner
  • Jerry L. Jordan
    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • Jack Ward Thomas
    University of Montana
1996 – “The Pacific Northwest — Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects”
Portland, Oregon

Featured Speakers:
  • John Kain
    Harvard University
  • Paul Getman
    Regional Financial Associates
  • Alice Rivlin
    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  • Phil Burgess
    Center for the New West
  • Governor Cecil Andrus
    Former Governor of Idaho
1995 – “Public Lands and Public Policies in the New West”
Missoula, Montana

Featured Speakers:
  • Bob Gannon
    Montana Power Company
  • Peter Jaquette
    The WEFA Group
  • Emory Castle
    Oregon State University
  • Roger Bull
    Pacific Northwest Economic Region
  • George Treyz
    Regional Economic Models, Inc.
1994 – “The Pacific Northwest Economy in a Competitive World”
Seattle, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Brian Motley
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Nancy Rutledge Connery
    World Bank
  • David E. Raphael
    Marcar Management Institute
1993 – “Pacific Northwest Economy and the Environment”
Kennewick, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Robert Parry
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Ernie Stokes
    WEFA – Canada, Toronto
  • Salah El Serafy
    World Bank
  • Pierre Crosson
    Resources for the Future
  • John Warren
    Research Triangle Institute
1992 – “Public Policy and Competitiveness”
Victoria, British Columbia

Featured Speakers:
  • Kenneth S. Courtis
    Deutsche Bank Capital Markets
  • John F. Helliwell
    Harvard University and University of British Columbia
  • F.L.C. Reed
    University of British Columbia
  • Donald A. Calder
    Business Planning/British Columbia Telephone Company
1991 - “The Pacific Northwest: 25 Years Retrospective and Prospective”
Portland, Oregon

Featured Speakers:
  • Alice Rivlin
    The Brookings Institution
  • Jack Triplett
    Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Nariman Behravesh
    Oxford Economics
  • John Meyer
    Harvard University
  • Mancur Olson
    University of Maryland
  • Charles Leven
    Washington University
  • Werner Z. Hirsch
    University of California – Los Angeles
  • W. Lee Hoskins
    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
1990 – “Economic Integration in the 1990s: Issues for the Pacific Northwest”
Bellingham, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Jack Beebe
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • William H. Cavitt
    Office of Canada/U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Donald Lorentz
    Washington State Dept. of Trade and Economic Development
  • William Schaffer
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Donald Ratajczak
    Georgia State University


2020 Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference Cancelled

After careful consideration, the Board of the Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference (PNREC) has chosen to cancel PNREC 2020, May 18-20 in Walla Walla, due to coronavirus concerns.

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