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Past PNREC Conferences

Conferences in the 1990s

1999 – Looking Back — “Looking Ahead: The Economic and Social Conditions of the Pacific Northwest”

Boise, Idaho

Chair: Michael H. Ferguson, Chief Economist – Idaho

Featured Speakers:
  • Kurt Karl
    WEFA, Inc.
  • Patty Gwartney
    Oregon Survey Research Laboratory
  • Joseph Taylor
    Iowa State University
  • Vernon Henderson
    Brown University
  • Gene Epstein
  • Ted Strong
    Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
1998 – “Conflict and Collaboration: how Government, Business, and Academia shape the Pacific Northwest Economy”
Olympia, Washington

Chair: Lorrie Jo Brown, Washington Department of Revenue

Featured Speakers:
  • Conference introduction by Gary Locke
    Washington State Governor
  • John Donahue
    Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government
  • Hugh Knox
    Associate Director for Regional Economics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Jack Triplett
    Visiting Fellow, Brookings Institution
  • David Wyss
    Research Director & Chief Financial Economist, DRI
1997 – “Regions in Transition”
Spokane, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Calvin L. Beale
    Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Roger E. Brinner
  • Jerry L. Jordan
    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • Jack Ward Thomas
    University of Montana
1996 – “The Pacific Northwest — Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects”
Portland, Oregon

Featured Speakers:
  • John Kain
    Harvard University
  • Paul Getman
    Regional Financial Associates
  • Alice Rivlin
    Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  • Phil Burgess
    Center for the New West
  • Governor Cecil Andrus
    Former Governor of Idaho
1995 – “Public Lands and Public Policies in the New West”
Missoula, Montana

Featured Speakers:
  • Bob Gannon
    Montana Power Company
  • Peter Jaquette
    The WEFA Group
  • Emory Castle
    Oregon State University
  • Roger Bull
    Pacific Northwest Economic Region
  • George Treyz
    Regional Economic Models, Inc.
1994 – “The Pacific Northwest Economy in a Competitive World”
Seattle, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Brian Motley
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Nancy Rutledge Connery
    World Bank
  • David E. Raphael
    Marcar Management Institute
1993 – “Pacific Northwest Economy and the Environment”
Kennewick, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Robert Parry
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Ernie Stokes
    WEFA – Canada, Toronto
  • Salah El Serafy
    World Bank
  • Pierre Crosson
    Resources for the Future
  • John Warren
    Research Triangle Institute
1992 – “Public Policy and Competitiveness”
Victoria, British Columbia

Featured Speakers:
  • Kenneth S. Courtis
    Deutsche Bank Capital Markets
  • John F. Helliwell
    Harvard University and University of British Columbia
  • F.L.C. Reed
    University of British Columbia
  • Donald A. Calder
    Business Planning/British Columbia Telephone Company
1991 - “The Pacific Northwest: 25 Years Retrospective and Prospective”
Portland, Oregon

Featured Speakers:
  • Alice Rivlin
    The Brookings Institution
  • Jack Triplett
    Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Nariman Behravesh
    Oxford Economics
  • John Meyer
    Harvard University
  • Mancur Olson
    University of Maryland
  • Charles Leven
    Washington University
  • Werner Z. Hirsch
    University of California – Los Angeles
  • W. Lee Hoskins
    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
1990 – “Economic Integration in the 1990s: Issues for the Pacific Northwest”
Bellingham, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Jack Beebe
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • William H. Cavitt
    Office of Canada/U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Donald Lorentz
    Washington State Dept. of Trade and Economic Development
  • William Schaffer
    Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Donald Ratajczak
    Georgia State University


2023 PNREC Keynote Speakers Announced:
Call for Abstracts
Please send your abstract submissions to Anneliese Vance-Sherman and Scott Bailey at by February 24, 2023.


Washington State University Vancouver is looking for a part-time faculty member who could teach ECON 101: Fundamentals of Microeconomics in Fall 2022 (Aug. 15-Dec. 20) on the Vancouver (WA) campus.

Required qualifications are having a master's or Ph.D. in economics. Please contact Yoshie Sano at if you are interested.

PNREC 2022:
Navigating COVID-19 and Climate Disruption in the Pacific Northwest
May 23-25, 2022

The final program for the 2022 Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference has been posted. We look forward to seeing all our speakers in Hood River, OR May 23-25.


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