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Past PNREC Conferences

Conferences in the 1970s


Vancouver, British Columbia

Featured Speakers:
  • Robert Triffin
    Yale University
  • David Slater
    Economic Council of Canada
Issaquah, Washington

Featured Speakers:
  • Otto Eckstein
    Data Resources, Inc.
  • William Burke
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Eugene, Oregon

Featured Speakers:
  • Charles P. Kindleberger
    Massachusettes Institute of Technology
Victoria, British Columbia

Featured Speakers:
  • Charles Leven
    Washington University, St. Louis
  • Harry Johnson
    University of Chicago
  • Wendy Holm
    Anti-Inflation Board, Government of Canada
Portland, Oregon

Featured Speakers:
  • John Balles
    Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Catherine Bedell Smith
    US Tariff Commission
  • John Meyer
    National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Wassily Leontief
    Harvard University


PNREC 2020 will be in Walla Walla, WA

Come join us in Walla Walla. Compare notes with your colleagues from across the Pacific Northwest as we explore how our local and regional economies have transformed over time. Sip a glass of locally-produced wine as we consider how these changes may lead to resilience or vulnerability in the next downturn. This year's lineup promises a compelling program of speakers, paper sessions, panel discussions and networking opportunities with other economists and related professionals from the Pacific Northwest.

Final Program

The final program for PNREC 2019 has been issued and be accessed below. It's an exciting slate of speakers covering a broad set of economic issues affecting the Pacific Northwest. We hope to see you in Seaside May 21-23.


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